Throwback Thursdays goes back to the 80’s…again. I can’t help it!

I am really starting to love Throwback Thursdays. Old pictures are the BEST! I’m sure there are people out there thinking that pictures from the 80’s do not constitute the use of the word ‘old’ but hey, I was born in 1983 so I’m starting to feel slightly ancient.

The top left picture is from Easter of 1988. There is little old me to the bottom left holding my Aunt Lynda’s hand. I have a cast on my right arm from sticking it through a window a few days before. The storm door of that lovely house behind us had a glass window pane on the bottom, I wanted to go outside, ran full-speed toward the closed door, you get the picture. 12 stitches and a gnarly scar, Happy Easter! And I’m shooting daggers at my mom (third from the right) for some unknown reason. All she said was “You were mad at me that day.”

So the super awesome Easter 1988 pic reads: me (aka 5-year-old going on 25), Lynda (aka Jane Fonda), Regis (aka Barry Gibb), Missy (aka Jennifer Connelly), my mom Lori (aka Madonna, I totally thought she was Madonna…), my grandpa Walt (aka Elvis), and my lovely grandmother Barbie (aka Katharine Hepburn).

The recent family pictures below and right are from Thanksgiving last year in Orlando. It was truly amazing to see everyone together for the first time in a long time. I know this reunion made my grandmother especially proud and happy. She was pretty much crying tears of joy for days and days.

Dang, I love Throwback Thursdays!


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