It’s Throwback Thursday! Going back to 1988…

Remember in Kindergarten when we had the big pieces of paper and the top was blank and the bottom had lines for a description? I loved drawing and then telling the story. The teachers would put the pictures up on the wall, then at parent’s night mom and dad would come into the classroom and say “Oh look, my son/daughter did this!” with pride… Well, this is what I created to celebrate Chinese New Year:

The picture shows a house, a bed with a person on it, lots of colorful Chinese lanterns, a cake with candles and a woman in a red dress with red lipstick, and red high heels. The caption reads:

“On Chinese New Year we would have lots of fun and we would drink Absolute. We would play a Chinese New Year game. We would call friends over for a slumber party. We would take turns of a hot bath. by acacia.”

I’m quite certain my mother wanted the floor to swallow her whole. She told me she took the picture off the wall quickly and we went home. I can’t wait to see the kinds of things Liam creates… Where does a 5-year-old get off writing about Absolut vodka and slumber parties with friends. Hey, it was the 80s.


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