when life knocks you down…

It has been raining for DAYS here in Charleston and I can’t take it. I’ve easily become spoiled with the magical sunny weather here. I can handle a day or two of rain, but with a 2-year-old… come on. The weather has gotten me down!

I also needed to come up with a theme for Wednesday blogging and I think ‘hump day humor’ works well for now. I love the explosion of ecards happening right now and this one speaks to me… it truly does.

You’re half way to the weekend! So sit back and smile a little. Heck, do a burpee in the office.

1 comment
  1. wartica said:

    HAHHA, that image should be posted all over my martial arts school; we do burpees during some of our warmup routines–intense to say the least lol:)


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