liam’s 2nd birthday bash! i know… it was over 3 weeks ago…

This is what happens when you have a two-year-old: time flies! You also lose your mind a little more every day:) This is Liam’s 2nd birthday album and I have to say, it almost brings tears to my eyes for so many reasons. One, Liam is growing like a weed and I cannot believe that he’s 2! May as well be going to Kindergarten already… Two, we moved to South Carolina pretty quickly and were worried about making friends with little people to have at this party. My husband and I were anxious that his 2nd birthday would be with just adults and family. That sounds terrible- but we wanted to bring our vision to life of having the apartment filled with raucous toddlers! And three, I am reminded of how I felt that night: proud.


The party was a success, there were a few toddlers from our building as well as friends, family, and of course, the babysitter. I thought about the day, Liam’s experience, and the wonderful work that went into creating the party and I felt proud of myself and my husband. It’s rare that we pat ourselves on the back for a job truly well-done. I knew we had absolutely done a great job. What an amazing feeling.


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