just for fun, me with glasses

So I had my first formal eye exam yesterday. I didn’t schedule it for any particular reason other than good measure and I haven’t been to any type of doctor since Liam was born- two years ago… Of course my eyes are fine! My left is negative by a fraction, but nothing else. Despite this, they still recommended I get glasses to “take the edge off” and cut the glare when I’m editing photos at night. Really? They were super nice, funny, and I had a great time trying glasses on with one of the associates but this is basically the same thing that happens at the dentist. They poke around for a bit, can’t find ANYTHING that needs fixing, so they recommend a treatment/accessory that I don’t absolutely need. It’s cool, I’m not mad, just thanking my lucky stars I’m healthy. The glasses are cute though, almost wish I needed them. And my husband said I looked hot…


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