boone hall plantation. charleston, sc

Liam and I are really taking advantage of the beautiful days, beautiful culture, and amazing historic architecture  this town has to offer. We took a trip to Boone Hall Plantation a few weeks ago and I let him run around this delightfully overgrown garden. It was a little tough to take great pictures because it was almost high noon, but I could not resist with all the amazing colors and scenery. The garden smelled of chamomile and roses and I wondered how long those same scents had hung in the air.

The long, oak- covered drive is truly spectacular and I read that it took 200 years for those oaks to grow to meet in the middle.  Liam, of course, ran around the whole grounds, wanted to pick up old cannon balls, and had more fun climbing on the gardener’s golf cart than anything else, but it was still great to be outside.

Across the street from the plantation is a pick-your-own strawberry field and a farmer’s market, which to me is probably the same high as a kid on a roller coaster. I LOVE farmer’s markets and this one had Boone Hall BACON. Enough said.



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