i want this, badly: Free mentoring and free lens from CRAVE Photography:)

I never do stuff like this, I rarely enter contests, but this one was way too good to pass up. CRAVE Photography is giving away a 2 day, all expenses paid trip for PRIVATE mentoring! The winner (me…:) will also get a free 50mm Nikon/Canon lens, and some very fabulous gifts from 10 vendors:

Florabella Collection

Gracylu Originals

Rock the Shot

Rock the Drops


Zozobug Baby

The Bloom Forum

Jessica Drossin Textures

Kelly Moore bags

MCP Actions

I did not go to school for photography, I took a class here and there to break up my heavy science course load and really enjoyed it. Most of what I know has been self-taught and I have always sought the advice and critique of established professionals in order to grow in my craft. Over the course of 6 years I have really embraced photography as my art and love every moment of it. Photography is magical, capturing someone’s soul is a blessing. I love it! But what I would REALLY love is to attend a workshop, or better yet, WIN the experience of a private mentoring session with someone whose photography I strive to emulate. It’s giving me butterflies as I write! I can see myself winning…

Here is a comparison of my first photography efforts next to a photo I edited last night. The difference is striking and I must say I am really proud of myself for coming so far:

One could argue that there are a lot of reasons why the photo on the right is better. I was outside with my son (natural light), I have a MUCH better camera ย and L glass (5D Mark ii and the 24-70mm), but I feel like I am looking at subjects differently. I can easily navigate all of the controls on my camera, I’m comfortable in Manual mode and rarely use any other mode. I frame differently, I shoot more sparingly (rather than hundreds of shots in an hour) and know how to capture the moment much better. Still I am craving (pun intended) a more structured learning session with a professional to really spark my creativity and point me in the right direction.

I can still see myself winning:)


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