monday’s inspirational photo of the day… i know, it’s tuesday, oops

Hello there! If you are reading this then you successfully made it through yesterday- Monday, so congratulations! I post an inspirational photo every Monday to help the creatives out there get the ball rolling, or to think in a different way, or to use the inspiration to start a new project… you never know what may come of it. Plus, Mondays can be rough. The beginning of the week can be exciting, but also daunting to those of you who put in a whole 5 days of work before playtime. I digress.

This Monday’s inspirational photo is by Wayne Levin. I stumbled upon his photo on Pinterest (not Stumble, ha!) and it immediately caught my attention. I am DYING to try underwater photography, just DYING. There is something so calming about the water and so magical about capturing people in the water, either dancers, or in this case, surfers/swimmers. Wayne is based in Hawaii and has a whole portfolio of water related subjects, all of which are breathtaking. Check out more of his work here: Wayne Levin. The photo I chose for today is entitled “Swimmer and Humpback.” Simply gorgeous.


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