a celebration of family and love

I must say, I get a little nervous before I photograph a large family. There are a lot of personalities to work with and you never know how kids are going to cooperate. This family was AWESOME! They were warm, welcoming, kept offering me food, and the father even got his own camera out and was asking me for pointers. So cute. The kids were WONDERFUL, so beautiful to photograph and smiley! The parents/grandparents were celebrating a big anniversary and one of the sons and his wife just found out they are expecting. This was a great way to bring everyone together and document a wonderful time in their lives. 

One of the biggest issues a photographer can face is how couples interact with each other. It’s hard to be on the other side of the lens and I definitely do not envy my subjects. Some people are just awkward and need more direction. I barely had to say two words in the way of direction to anyone! The couples were loving, smiling, made eye contact and moved really well with each other. It was such a blessing and so great to photograph- makes a big difference! 

Hope you enjoy these photos and much as I enjoyed capturing them!


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